digitalb0y is a pseudonym used by Denver area DJ and producer Corey Scott, giving him an identity under which to evolve through experimentation. Incorporating unexpected sounds and textures with creative instrumentation and sequencing, digitalb0y focuses on personal growth as an artist, creating unique and diverse music that truly comes from within.

Several digitalb0y tracks were released on the now defunct Dorje Records label. With other artists including Equulei, ((Diverse)), Draconians, and The William Caslon Experience on their roster, Dorje Records released some of the most varied and interesting electronic music to come out of the Colorado area at the time. Since the label closed its doors, all of the digitalb0y tracks that were released on Dorje have been made available to download for free via SoundCloud. Check out the music section to stream or download digitalb0y's work.

Limited physical media is still available directly from Corey Scott, and other feedback is both encouraged and greatly appreciated, so please don't hesitate to make contact.


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